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Using the Power of Nature

Team buildings in the forests of Taunus/Frankfurt

Are you looking for an event that will facilitate team cohesion and boost team spirit?

Do you want your team to get to know each other deeply, stop talking about but start talking with one another instead?

Do you want to improve team communication and make sure everyone sends and receives messages as intended?

Do you want to create a special moment for your team which will be remembered even after years? 

Are you bored from all those standard workshop formats and fancy some cool outdoor experience in the forests near Frankfurt? 

Are you up to spend a great time together and have fun?

Then let me edutain you!

What you will experience

I take you outside into the Taunus forest for a tour of about 7 km, including various practical exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to review and optimize their behavior and ways of communicating in an inclusive way. They will learn how to improve collaboration and communication in the team. 

Your benefits

  • Suitable for all fitness levels

  • Quickly reachable by public transport in 30min from Frankfurt city center

  • Get together – get to know! Participants will get to know each other on a casual level and find common topics that help them to connect deeper

  • Team building exercises using elements from nature will promote the social glue and foster team cohesion

  • Developing insights and creating awareness for different perspectives and communication styles will help understand and respect others

  • Thematic impulses and newest (neuro) scientific findings will increase knowledge and create deeper learning effects

  • Team coaching and moderation elements will facilitate group discussions

I promise:

We will have a lot of fun!

What others say about the events:

"Dear Ms Pramberger, Thank you very much for organizing and carrying out our hiking day in the Taunus, which you spiced up with effective and fun team building exercises. It was a very successful event. This was evident from the spontaneous feedback of all participants on the spot. The next day, we all came back to the office full of enthusiasm and were looking forward to meeting each other. The event still resonates today with us and has made a real difference to team interaction. Very happy to recommend you to others."

Petra Becher 
Managing Director, Bürgerinstitut e.V.


"After this day with Kerstin Pramberger in nature, we understood as a team how much we missed the personal contact, how great the teamwork in the group is and how much fun you can have while hauling logs.

We can highly recommend this event for a successful start into the hybrid working world."

„With Kerstin Pramberger, we had an absolutely competent trainer for our first team building event after the lockdown with a group of young people in 2021. She started the guided tour through the Taunus with an inspiring and fun get-to-know each other exercise. On our way, further stations expected us with team building and stress-relieving exercises. Kerstin is knowledgeable, competent and a reliable and confident leader. In the preparation, she responded 100% to our ideas, we coordinated closely on the content and I felt absolutely heard by her in our wishes for the event. The picnic area with a view was a real highlight!"

Project manager of a large foundation in Frankfurt

M. Kröger 

Head of Wealth Mgmt

International Bank

Still in doubt?


No worries! If your team comes back bored and without any positive take away from the day, I will refund 100% of your money. Full stop.

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Are you ready for a really cool team building event? Then feel free to book some time in my calendar and let's discuss how we can rock your team.

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